Going Green – Eco Brick

We began by putting small sachets of plastics on the containers mixing them up with medium sized plastics. Our goal shifted from making eco-bricks to just stuffing plastic into the bottles. After about 3 weeks, we noticed that our trash output reduced significantly from using a big trash bag, down to just a big sando bag. If I were to guess, it would be about 50%-60% less in volume. As it turned out, we were throwing out a lot of plastic to begin with.

Mobile What?

So what exactly are infant mobiles? No, we are not talking about mobile phones for infants here but the type of magical device that you hang over your baby’s crib to amuse them for hours. 

Changing Diapers

“Oh no, it’s my fault again! Me again!” I sobbed in Bisaya. I forgot to seal that soiled diaper and put it in the garbage bin when I cleaned her poop right before we gave her a bath. :’(

Ding Dong – At Your Service!

Coming home to a flooded house, I needed to provide a stress free environment for my wife for her speedy recovery and for her to provide milk for our new born baby girl. This post shows how I converted a wireless doorbell to instant room service device!