Ding Dong – At Your Service!

When we came home, I told Raissa to only focus on her recovery and to produce milk for our daughter.

I wanted to create a stress free environment for her to recover quickly and produce enough milk. This is especially difficult for her since she had to go through c-section and for being a first time mom.

I’ve learned from years of being with her and all her breastfeeding seminars that environment is one key factor for optimum breastmilk production.

This proved to be doubly difficult since we had to deal with the aftermath of the flood. The room upstairs has already been setup to provide a stress free environment for her and the baby but she has problems moving around because of the pain from the operation, it proved to be very difficult for her to pick up the baby, position herself in her chair/bed and feed. And it would be difficult for her to always grab her phone to text/call me since I am moving a lot in and outside the house and a lot of times, my phone will just be lying around somewhere. And shouting for help defeats the purpose of a stress free environment for her and the baby.

I needed to have a quick solution for her to be able to call for assistance. In comes the wireless doorbell! I bought a doorbell with a wireless dongle so that she could just press the button and I can come up to assist her with moving around, carrying the baby, changing diapers and etc. I also did not want her to lose track of where the dongle is because it was very small. I drilled two small holes on the dongle and used a dogtag necklace that we had lying around from our previous projects to make her a wearable doorbell dongle. Now she can focus on her recovery and the baby without her worrying about calling for assistance. This helps me to move around a lot as well without having to think about her needing help all the time. I still go up from time to time just to check if she is ok.

Thank God for technology!

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